Frederic Hottinger: 7 Key Dates



Enfance Frédéric HottingerFrederic Hottinger was born in Neuilly-sur-Seine into a family of Swiss bankers. His ancestors have been well known in the banking and finance world for seven generations.


First steps in finance

Diplôme Frédéric Hottinger






After completing his military service, Frederic Hottinger studied for a degree in finance, commerce and law at Business School Lausanne where he graduated at the age of 22. In 1984, he obtained his broker’s license from the New York Stock Exchange. The following year, he joined the mergers and acquisitions department at the Baring Brothers group in Hong Kong, and then went on to Brown Brothers Harriman Bank in New York as a financial analyst.


Entry into the family bank






At the age of 27, Frederic Hottinger joined the marketing department of the family holding company. He handled, in particular, the group’s relationships with the international partner banks.


Growth Through Mergers and Acquisitions

Acquisitions et fusion

Frederic Hottinger focussed entirely on mergers and acquisitions. He led major operations, notably in the context of privatising multiple Hungarian companies. He also got married during this time.


Sofibus asset management and administration

Frederic Hottinger continued his career in the family company; this time, on the asset management side. In this role, he actively participated in developing the company’s subsidiaries internationally, and in particular in England, Austria, Luxembourg and Canada. At the same time, he became a director with Sofibus, a real estate property company created by his father and owned by his family.

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New directions

Nouvelles orientationsAfter the death of his father, Frederic Hottinger redefined the strategy for Hottinger EMBA NV, the family holding company, specifically in terms of partnerships. He also joined forces with international financial players for improved collaboration. Among them were Archimedes Private Office Limited and Iteram.


Vice-President and CEO

Today Frederic Hottinger is at the helm of Sofibus, where he is the Vice-President and CEO. He is very invested in the holding company’s business activities, and is also a member of Hottinger United Kingdom’s Supervisory Board. He is also the CEO of Lyford International Bank and Chairman of the Supervisory Board for OCEPRO, a property management company. Frederic Hottinger also invests in Canadian and American start-ups in the video gaming sector.